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Kathrina's Celebration
by sylverwolfe ©
The Duchess's Christmas ball was a complete bore. Narrow minded snobby upper class nobles were not who Kathrina really wanted to spend time with. Her father had insisted that she attend in hopes of finding a proper husband for her, maybe. Her mind drifted only to her coven. That was where she longed to be, standing in a circle of power with her coven in the forest. Tonight was the celebration of the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Her father’s stern words echoed in her ears “...you will not take part in those practices ever again...you will learn...” Instead she sat in a far corner wearing an uncomfortably tight fancy dress, softly crying to herself watching others have the freedom to celebrate their own holiday. She wanted to celebrate too, but just not here. Wiping her stray tears with the sleeve of her dress she noticed two young men eyeing her. They looked to be in their early 20s; both fashioned long hair tied in a ponytail. Kathrina smiled to herself. She was going to enjoy the night even if she could not partake in the Winter Solstice celebration. Besides, it might be worth while to give her father more headaches and create new rumors for herself. She arose from the little love seat she had occupied and strode light as air to the young men. She passed those snobby nobles as they cheered ‘Happy Christmas, have a great New Year’ to each other. They were such liars. Many of the women stared crossly at her probably wishing a thousand horrible things upon her. Kathrina made sure to smile and nod to the men that dared meet her glance in front of their wives. She stopped directly in front of the two men, interrupting whatever conversation they had been having. “Hello ma'lady. I take it you noticed are staring at you. I apologize it was rude of us.” The man that spoke had light brown hair with lovely green eyes. The silent man was the most attractive, having shiny onyx tresses with icy blue eyes. “Your apology is accepted, however, I came over wondering if you gentlemen would help me locate the Duchess's bedroom.” Kathrina said feeling as if her heart would explode in her chest from pure excitement. They looked at each other and the one with the lovely green eyes spoke again, “But, ma'lady why would you want to find the Duchess's bedroom?” “Help me find it and I will tell you.” She smiled at them. In her head she was chanting to the Goddess for strength and grace. “My name is Kathrina and I’m completely bored with this Christmas ball that my father forced me to attend.” “I am Nicolas and this is my cousin Michael. He is visiting from Italy and does not yet speak English very well.” Nicolas, the green eyed one spoke as he took Kathrina’s extended hand and gently kissed it. She looked Michael up and down, thinking he would be beautiful naked. “Fine then, I am a bit curious of why a noble young lady would need in the Duchess's bedroom. I presume that her Lady’s bedroom would he upstairs.” “I would image probably the fanciest, richest room.” Kathrina added, wrinkling her nose up. She found the Duchess's vanity and outrageous behavior disgusting. They proceeded to the large extravagant stairwell. All the guests were too busy now with dinner being served that no one paid any attention to the three of them. The guests would soon be stuffing themselves with duck and Christmas cakes. She noticed that Nicolas and Michael were glaring at her again. They looked her up and down, seeming to like her hips particularly. She smiled. “It is rather uncomfortable, this dress. I would rather be Skyclad. You men don’t have to wear these heavy annoying dresses with tons of lace and strings with petticoats.” “Maybe not ma'lady, and for good reason. I don’t know any man alive who could make lace and strings look so beautiful.” Nicolas commented, testing her. Kathrina smiled to herself, reveling in the feel of excitement. They made their way down a corridor, which held at least ten different rooms. Priceless paintings hung every so feet down the hallway and occasionally a pedestal holding a vase of Christmas flowers dotted the hallway. They had checked every room but one along the hallway, none seemed to be fit for the Duchess. The last room at the very end of the hall was locked. “This must be it, but it is locked.” Kathrina whimpered in defeat. “Yes, but hold on.” Nicolas turned to Michael and they spoke in their native Italian tongue. Michael smiled, “Not problem, segnorina.” His accent was so thick and Kathrina found it to be unbelievably sexy. From his inside coat pocket he pulled out a small tool. Watching in amazement Kathrina realized he was picking the Lady’s bedroom lock. Within seconds a loud CLICK was heard and Michael opened the door. The room was beautiful! It smelled of cinnamon and holiday cheer. The Duchess did love Christmas and her room was adored with scented candles, pine cones, wreaths, poinsettias, and priceless other valuables. She heard Michael lock the door behind them. “Now, ma'lady, what is it you needed in here for?” Nicolas asked. He looked her over more closely. Her breasts were full, sitting high on her chest thanks to her tight corset. Her waist tapered inward then curved outward for her rather wide hips. He dared to step closer to her, touching her cheek with his right hand. “I would like you both to help me celebrate the holiday. Since I cannot be with my own clansman and celebrate my own holiday because my father is shrouded by ignorance, I will embarrass him by being a complete slut. The rumors will spread tomorrow that I was seen with two attractive men with gleaming smiles. No man in this village will want to wed me and he will toss me out of his home and I can be with my coven. It will surely be the death of him.” She grinned a bewitching look overtaking her face. “Do you mind helping me out of these annoying confinements?” Nicolas spoke to Michael and together they untied, unbuttoned and unlaced Kathrina from her prison. Her puffy velvet dress lay in a heap on the floor and she stood staring at them in the nude. Moving gracefully she danced to the Duchess's bed and made herself a seat. “Please, I believe it is your turn to undress.” She laughed as their fingers hurriedly unbuttoned their shirts and trousers. Michael grew restless struggling with a stubborn button and ripped his dress shirt the rest of the way off. Nicolas approached the bed, standing in front of Kathrina. He was semi hard and getting more excited by the minute. Without a question Kathrina wrapped her small hand around his shaft and stroked him. His eyes were lowered, watching her head lean in close to his warm genitals. Her lips surrounded the tip of his penis and she sucked inward until his balls were against her chin. Nicolas was wide, not too long, but so wide. Kathrina was getting wet just thinking about what it would feel like in her. Michael had crept up behind her on the bed and helped her to lie on her back. She had both men on either side of her face now, begging to be sucked. Michael's penis looked delicious, long and thick, but not as wide as Nicolas. They rolled together until she was on top of Michael and Nicolas laid to the side watching. Michael whispered Italian into her ear; she had no idea what he spoke, but didn’t really care. Holding herself up off him a bit Kathrina spread her pussy lips apart. Her folds were slick and sticky from her lust. Michael griped her hips and bore her down unto his shaft. Kathrina moaned loudly from being filled with the thick Italian man. Her insides were like velvet caressing his skin. She seemed to melt all around his dick and the tightness was almost painfully. Kathrina felt so free at this moment. Suddenly Nicolas's palms on her ass snapped her back to reality. He was pushing her front torso down and moving her legs closer to Michael's sides. Her eyes rolled up into her head as he fingered her clit. Soon the sticky goo was dripping all over her thighs. She gritted her teeth as an orgasm rippled through her tiny form. Michael could feel her orgasms as the muscles tightened inside her. He slowly pulled his penis out, giving Nicolas a chance. To, Kathrina’s surprise she felt her cheeks being spread wide apart. “Hold on...what are you doing?” “Just relax ma’lady.” He answered, then said something to Michael. Michael hands slide around to her ass and held her ass apart. Kathrina relaxed her backside, resting her head on Michael's shoulder. “It okay, signorina.” Michael cooed to her. He sent feather soft kisses all over her face. Nicolas used the cum from Kathrina’s orgasm to lubricate his throbbing penis. Once slippery with her cum he pushed the head against her anus. Kathrina grunted into Michael's ear as pain shot through her rectum. Slowly and gently Nicolas rocked his thickness into her tight little hole. When Kathrina’s hips began pushing back into Niculas’s thrusts Michael carefully slid his shaft back into her velvet softness. Kathrina was in another world. She loved this new feeling of being completely filled by these men. Her hips met each thrust, all in time with each other. Nicolas was thrusting quick and deep into her ass while Michael's wonderful dick was doing the same between her thighs. She squeezed a hand down between her body and Michael’s to her clit. She rolled the little bud between her fingers and began stroking it. Their climax was coming close. Nicolas's assault on her bum was becoming more violent; he was balls deep into her. Michael's rock hard shaft was fucking her nice and slow now. She herself was cumming all over his penis. Nicolas began to cum, and it felt strange as he erupted his hot semen inside her anus. He slowly withdrew rolling onto his side. Michael flipped her over unto her back and brought them both to a mind-blowing orgasm. Together they curled up on the Duchess bed smelling of cinnamon, pine cones and hot sex. Just for good measure, before Michael dressed Kathrina worked her magic on his cock again until he spurted hot goo all over the Duchess’s pillow. “That was the best celebration I’ve ever had at a boring Christmas ball. I will certainly have to attend one again.” Kathrina told them before they parted ways.
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